September 20, 2021

What Makes an Artisan Product

Now more than ever, we see food and beverage products with the label ‘artisan’ attached. Step into your local bakery or deli to understand what we mean. However, just because a product is labelled ‘artisan’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is a genuine artisan product. That’s because, unlike the processes a producer must go through to become organically certified, there are no specific rules for using marketing terms like ‘artisanal’ and ‘farmhouse’. So technically, anyone can design a nice-looking label and slap it onto a product, calling it ‘artisan’. This has resulted in the incorrect use of the term at times and confusion in the market. Unfortunately, some food producers exploit this grey area, and therefore also the trust of their consumers.

So, what makes a product artisan, and how can you distinguish the imposters from the real thing? In a nutshell, ‘artisan’ means the product is made in a traditional manner using quality, locally sourced ingredients and particular processes. In most cases, there is also a story attached to the artisan product and its producer.

If you are a fan of genuine Australian artisan products, like we are, and want easy access to these delicacies, then you have come to the right place. All products featured on To-Plate’s online grocery store meet one or more of the following criteria, giving you peace of mind that you are purchasing a genuine artisan product:

  • The product has been produced on a small scale or in small batches, like Ben Haines wines from the Yarra Valley in Victoria. 
  • The product has been made using traditional methods, such as handcrafted, as is the case with Cuvee Chocolate from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. 
  • The product has been created according to a traditional recipe that may have been around for hundreds of years, for example, Simmone Logue pies from Sydney, New South Wales.
  • The product has been made from traceable ingredients, like the lentil meal kits from Rosevale Lentils on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula.
  • The product has been made locally from locally sourced produce, adopting low food miles for sustainability.

How does To-Plate make sure a product is artisan?

At To-Plate, our purpose is to help Australian artisan producers tell their valuable stories and connect their delicious, quality products with you, our food-loving customers.

Before a product is made available on the, the To-Plate team speaks to the producer and ensures the product meets at least one of the above criteria.

It’s quite an experience to speak directly with the producer.

Visit To-Plate to meet more artisan producers and taste what they have to offer!